anouk tank
illustratrice et peintre

- very short biography -

Born in the previous millennium, living and working in Geneva, Switzerland.

Studies in business, art&crafts; all the rest is selfmade. 

Hello, I'm a freelance illustrator and painter and also providing drawing lessons to youngs and adults.
I like looking around me, observing people, animals, town and nature, details, colours... almost everything in fact. There are many animals in my own graphic world, but also characters, more and more.
For each image there are feelings and emotions due to a meeting, then a wish to make a portrait of that and then sharing it. That's why I am practicing on the field or from a home made picture (excepting orders occasionally). Sometimes, it comes from my imagination. Sometimes...
Portrait is used in the broad sense of the word, without concept of value : if you pay attention to it, everything can become worth of interest, recognizable and unique.
My chance is to be living in a quiet town (Geneva, Switzerland), that allows me to take a walk everywhere and whenever the light suggests me to do it. The lake, country and mountains are close. Nice!

Geneva, 2017