anouk tank
illustratrice et peintre
logo parc petit16 The Pierre Challandes' hosting park is « a place where lost, abandoned, confiscated animals, or too young ones to regain freedom, find a refuge and a home appropriate to their needs. »

We have been working together for over ten years. I am looking after illustrations, the layout of publications (quarterly journals, calendars, posters and leaflets), and the development of the line graph. And soon after the site.
See also the illustrations
animal of the park and the publications page on this subject.

So, it does also mean that I have to choose along between hundreds of beautiful photographs taken by Sarah and Pierre, those who will be shown on the publications ... what a difficult task!
A chance, however: with digital, no need anymore to scan prints from Pierre, full of humans and animals fingerprints, fur, feathers ...

The easiest way to discover this place: a promenade
on the Park site!

"Every living creature must remain free, but man is responsible for any animal
he has domesticated or which has lost the opportunity to live free. "